Thursday, November 26, 2015

Artists Discussion Topic - Essential Questions for the Artist

I found this on Pinterest, but it hold some essential points that every artist should look at, and possibly employ.
It's how we, as artists, should perhaps consider our Artistic Process.
This visual diagram outlines 8 key areas:
Envision, Connect, Observe, Expressive Spirit, Develop Craft, Stretch & Explore, Engage & Persist, Reflect.
Would you add more? If so, what would they be? Are some more important than others? If so, in which order would you place them? Which ones might you consider dropping? Why? How likely are you to adapt your process to fit in with your concept of what your artistic process should be? How can you adapt it? Record your process? What are the benefits? What are the failures?
Specific to the 8 key areas, this diagram questions each one.
  • Envision - What inspires me?
  • Connect - What do I have to say?
  • Observe - How do I see the world differently?
  • Expressive Spirit - What do I love about art?
  • Develop Craft - What do I need to learn to express my idea?
  • Stretch & Explore - How do I use art skills to make art?
  • Engage & Persist - What can I do to better focus on my work?
  • Reflect - Why am I creating this work?
There are some great discussion points here.
What would your response be to each of these? How do you react to the questions this artist wrote? Do you share these thoughts, or have totally different ideas? Now you've seen the question responses does that alter your order of importance of the key areas?
You are welcome to share you ideas on this, especially if you use this as a discussion point at your own artists salon or art gathering.

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